Cooler Weather Is Welcome


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 8-17-2022

We are glad to announce that the computer is still working fine and Sierra had no new troubles today.

The weather has been rather nice in general for the last few days. A couple of sprinkly showers have given the vegetation some water to drink. We have been having mornings in the low 70s with highs around 90 or a bit less. The last time we checked they were expecting high 60s for our low tonight. This has been enjoyable weather for sure.

The walking trail along the waterfront is apparently getting readied for some major maintenance as soon as the tourist time is over. It will be interesting to see what changes.

Today we got a few pictures during our 3+ mile walk. At the fishing bridge over a creek there was all sorts of green stuff floating on the surface of the water in really neat swirling patterns as the slight current and wind worked with each other to produce beautiful art.

A big surprise to the OFM was a new small pond near the paved road around the golf course. Apparently the OFM for years had been looking at the golf green on the other side of the road all the times we passed here before. Today a splash alerted him to the small pond to pay attention too. At least it wasn't an alligator waiting for breakfast.

Now we have a question for our readers. There is a lot of this goldish colored vegetation growing on shrubbery all over this area. Does anyone know the name of it? We would like to look it up and find out about it.

We have another colored pencil painting well on the way. It is a desert tortoise eating prickly pear fruit. It has been a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Glad you've had a nice day!! With a bit of cooling of ahead. That yellow thing looks like some kind of vine that is ready for the autumn/winter, having done it's thing. I wouldn't have a clue!! Is that reddish leaf part of it? Oh well, I still wouldn't have a clue. Glad Kiddo did some good work for you!

  2. Maybe the yellow shrub is a Forsythia. They are really pretty when they are in bloom.

  3. My wife says that plant is "cuscuta". She's a botanist by education.

  4. A parasitic plant with no chlorophyll.....she tells me.

    1. lI brought it up and she nailed it exactly. This is the first time I have heard that name. Thank you very much.

  5. Common name here in Texas is dodder- a parasitic plant with no chlorophyll.