Four Hours vs Four Weeks


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 8-11-2022

A s the OFM sat down for breakfast the aura from a new migraine popped into his vision and we knew it would be a while until we could get moving much. After the illness got established we could tell it was a light duty attack but still enough to get in the way today. So we planned an easy day since we wanted to stick around for a package due in this morning. It finally made it about 1445. It worked out OK due to the illness. Around mid morning we took a bag of trash to the dumpster and paused at the dumpster to consider a short gentle careful walk meandering back through the campground. Since the OFM was doing well on the Ibuprofen we went for it.

Surprisingly as we gently walked along the walkway, the OFM started feeling better. When we got to the far side of the campground we chose to see if we could handle more and we handled a slow gentle distance of slightly over a mile in the cool morning shade of the trees.

Back at the Castle taking it very easy was the goal for the day. So we dug through the adult coloring books and chose a page to color.

Lunch time came along and we went to get a big salad and ham lunch. Then we stopped at a store to pick up some milk and a couple of things and back home to wait on the package. The coloring book page got our gentle attention for most of the afternoon before we finished it in the style chosen.

The package of clothing came and we unpacked it and put it away. The coloring book page was soon after finished. It is a far cry from the finished level we use on our attempts to do most pictures. But it is as good as most of the adult colorings I see done around town. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

This is what the OFM could do in a little over four hours instead of the usual four weeks on the OFM art from the last year or so.

And that is how we spent the day trying to have tooooo much fun while recuperating from from a bad awakening this morning.


  1. Quite a difference in elapsed time!

  2. I'm glad your migraine wasn't a doozey, and I like the pic, it seems more visceral and rugged somehow. Good job!