Slower Walking Needed


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 8-19-2022

It was another very nice walking morning. We met several new folks and dogs on the trail this morning. They were all nice and polite and that was wonderful.

From the front door of the Castle to the start of the waterfront trail is .4 miles. We wanted to try to get in 3 miles of brisk walking today. We failed. But we did better than any day before since arriving here.

When we got to this trail marker, we had to cut back to the old infantry marching speed of about 2.5 mph that we can handle better than our brisk speed whatever it is. Brisk speed causes both knees to have aches the next day so we are not going to try to speed things up but just get longer. The best we can tell we made it a bit over 3 miles again today.

But we did get a couple of pictures during the walk. As we were walking near the fishing bridge we noticed a long necked bird watching for food. We did the usual and took a picture from wherever we first spot the target. Then we creep closer to try for a closer picture. Well the OFM took one step closer too many and the bird took off at supersonic speed so what we get to see is the first shot.

But we did notice a red orange blossom in the tree above us. It was sort of pretty . The best we can recall the tree is named a Bobber Blossom Tree.

Back at the Castle we got showered and prettied up and went to work researching some things on the Internet. It proved worthwhile. Then we went to work on the picture coming up next.

We hope you enjoy it. It was a fun one to color and fuss with.

Sure enough late this afternoon we got a nice rain shower of about ten minutes. The ground slurped that all down nearly instantly.

With a good walk and a finished picture we really had a good day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. It's always good to have tooooo much fun when retired.

  2. Finding new tree species while out for walks and finishing paintings are both great ways for having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy checking things out.

    It's about time.