Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Big Potato to Handle


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 8-9-2022

We managed to walk in the shade today for the whole walk of 2.7 miles. We did not awaken until 0845 this morning. Finally a long nights rest without a lot of joint pains awakening the OFM several times a night. The sun and humidity was strong but since we were late getting out the trees on a long portion of the walk in front of the campground had tree shade for most of the paved section. It made good exercise with some breeze.

Lunch was at Lawlers BBQ place and since it was Tuesday it was stuffed potato day. We drove out the meal for about $9.00 but the potato was so big we thought we needed a forklift to get it to the table. Meghan said she put it in a larger than normal box since it was so big.

Here is a supper picture of it after transferring a cereal bowl full from the box for supper. As in about two fist sized pieces of tater and friends into the bowl. Keep in mind that we also ate a full lunch from that potato earlier and now we are down to two more meals to go from that one tater.

This afternoon we were at Walmart and noticed they had some new picture frames we liked. Two of them came home with us to hold some art on a wall in the Castle. It seems to look decent to us.

That one is a 5x7 painting of the cacti. That coloring gave the OFM fits with color balance and blending. But it was a great pile of fun for learning.

If anyone has a suggestion for warm good places to go visit this year from mid October through mid April, we would like to hear about it. Warm to the OFM Teams is not below 40F.

The Teams elevation limit due to breathing limitations is about 6500 feet of elevation. We are trying to NOT get stuck at Rockport again this year for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Okay so I looked up Tucson's average temps for that time of year. It never goes below 40 degrees, and the highs are in 60s-80s. This is the time of year, when people really like coming to visit. It is also a dry cool-heat, so it is easy on the joints. There are many places in Arizona that you might like. I know we talked about this, but I think it would be a good place for you to get out of the hot and humid weather that affects joints. This is why we moved here. Elevation is 2400-2500.

  2. By the way, good job on the cactus painting/drawing. There are lots of different ones here that you can practice on too.

  3. I had to take 2 Rolaids just looking at that feast!