Morning Sun


Busy Day and Ready for Tomorrow


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 6-1-2022

It has been a really hectic day recovering from the migraine mess. Tomorrow first thing after breakfast we hit up the eye doc to get checked out for our vision troubles. Most likely it is the OFM's way over due eye exam and overdue new glasses causing trouble.

The Castle's door has a window in it that we close of with insulation so the heat is less of a nuisance. Well the insulation, the string tying the insulation into the window and etc fell apart this morning to add to our joy. After our walk a trip to the store was made in an effort to get some solution to the failure and we were successful to our surprise. The window and the door to the Castle are back in good working shape again. As usual it took two acts of Congress and divine intervention to make things right again. But everything is working again.

During the rest of the day we encountered some information we were not worried about and did not know it was available. But here it is. In the last 24 months +\- we have produced about 67ea 5x7 or smaller paintings. For paintings larger than 5x7ea There are preliminary plans for about 93 more paintings in our known future.

Here are two piles of paintings that have been completed.

Now here are the three old book covers that are housing the 93 planned and preliminary paintings background work. 

It seems the OFM has some work cut out for the Teams to handle. The OFM needs to get busy trying to have tooooo much fun it seems.


  1. You're prolific! That's a lot of paintings, especially in pencil, which is a slow process. Wow. At that rate, you've got 3 years of work lined out ahead of you. Ha. But work that is interesting and mostly enjoyable.

  2. Doing the remaining paintings looks like a good way for having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy you new glasses.

    It's about time.