The Blahs


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 6-21-2022

A decent time to start the walk this morning worked out better. The pace was kept moderate and a hint of breeze helped us the whole time. So it was another sweaty decent walk for us.

The rest of the day was even less exciting. A little fishing gear was cleaned and sorted but not much. The Beach Park was crowded this afternoon but we got to watch a fellow videoing some kids playing in the beach surf as he carefully dropped his phone in the salt water. Then he wiped it off somewhat and started to hurry to catch up with the group and dropped the phone again and took a bit longer to find it in the surf. We bet the phone comes out worse for the wear from that experience.

We did find a few nice flowers to photograph but all the pictures came out fuzzed. However when we shot some test pics inside the Castle they came out perfect. So apparently some knucklehead must have just done something stupid again.

We piddled with the new painting a bit but the OFM couldn't seem to get things together just right, so we quit before we ruined in at the start.

And that is our best try today for trying to have tooooo much fun on the longest day of the year.

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  1. Hope the knucklehead down there has a better today tomorrow. The knucklehead up here has those days more often than would be desired.