Adjusting Glasses and Healing


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 6-14-2022

The morning started with recovery episodes from migraine miseries of last evening and night. By the time we were ready to hit the walking trail the OFM was doing pretty well for a change. So we started gentle but soon picked up the pace but the glasses kept on not seeing very well.

So we started to work on the glasses as we walked and sometimes stopping near a pole or bench to get some bending leverage on the frames. Gradually it was coming back to the OFM what he has done several times during the last 40 plus years of wearing and adjusting frames after “incidents” of wear and ooops.

As we wound around the back of the ponds the glasses suddenly made an odd CLICK and suddenly the OFM could see cleanly for a change. For the next good ways we did minor adjustments as our memory re-educated the OFM on the delicacies of adjusting glasses frames for old folks. By the end of the normal mile and a half another odd event happened.

We paused at the drinking fountain for a little liquid refreshment and it dawned on the OFM that he was ready to keep going. Hmmm. But we did choose to make the small cross loop to the big loop that is only a half mile long. So that gave us a clean two miles total for the first time in over two months AND the OFM was feeling good but not in pain at all from the migraine residual. We called it enough extra for this morning.

After the nice shower we dressed to head out for lunch in a little bit.

After checking ourselves sight some more we decided to cancel the doctor appointment for tomorrow. It seems we have the glasses adjustment in place and working well.

After lunch we did a good bit of thinking and considering plans for our soon trip to Alabama. We are not sure yet what the whole plan is but it is definitely in progress working out details now. There can be a lot of trying to have tooooo much fun in north Alabama especially along the Tennessee River near Decatur, Alabama. Hmmmmm.


  1. OK then. Onward and upward, or at least outward....you survived and apparently have conquered the eyeglasses.
    Onward only up here....it's just hot and windy, hot and windy and the same predicted for days and days. Sometimes I wish the weather forecasters weren't so good at their jobs.