Morning Sun


Wild Grapes


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 6-24-2022

When the OFM stepped out of Sierra at the Memorial Park to walk this morning he was surprised the temp was slightly warm at 83F but the nice gentle breeze with a thin cloud cover stopping the sun made it a good day for stepping out briskly. The day was very nice and a first thing we noticed was that the wild grapes were in grand shape. They are nice black grapes and getting close to picking time it seems.

Any way the folks on the trail this morning were nice and friendly and the pups were all pleasant and smiling it seemed also. So it was a great brisk walk to start the day. We dropped by the harbor on the way back to the Castle and saw the big top Tent was up and preparing for the big sale fest on the first of July weekend. It will be a madhouse. One of the city maintenance folks told the OFM that all the city workers including the police etc will be on duty during the festivities trying to keep things clean and under control.

Back at the Castle we noticed some toys like fishing gear and other stuff that we had forgotten to go through to get rid of the unneeded things. So we finished out the day removing clutter from those boxes we had forgotten about way back under the bed area. Well we did clear it out after taking it all to the water to check out if it was junk or just not needed. It was about half and half but it is all gone now. At the rate things are going away we need to put some water in the holding tanks to keep the breeze from blowing the Castle away. We will likely start the check of the Castle running gear in the next day or two. We want to be 100% ready to roll on July 5 morning for our trip to Grandkid land and trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I have always felt that finding wild grapes is like getting a Xmas gift. So tasty and unexpected...a real surprise.

  2. Amazing how much stuff we can accumulate. You're really getting after clearing it out. Wish my grapes look like those; they're not wild though, and I have trouble ever getting a crop all the way through to turning the nice purple of these in the photo......but the vine does make a good shade on my back porch.

    1. Some of the cleaning is caused by a maybe doing more moving around after this visit to grand kid land.

  3. I grew up around those grapes - they were called mustang grapes. They could be made into a wine that was like Mogen David or Manischewitz.. They are not very good tasting right off the vine though.