Good News


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 6-2-2022

Today has been a full day of yuck events it seems but when we sat back late this afternoon it soon was obvious the yuck events at least lead to better times ahead. It has been a day of several tests and the final result was in a positive direction and the last test is on Thursday morning of next week. That should bring all the pieces together.

In the mean time we got new glasses ordered and if they are the correct prescription then it has been a big change from a year and a half or so ago. The obvious big error was letting it go unchecked for over 18 months.

So far it appears all that is needed is new glasses and not any other “special” lenses. But it was quite obvious that the Teams need to hammer the OFM about his regular yearly eye exams. NO IT IS NOT OK TO WAIT A BIT.

This is not good shape to be in for trying to have tooooo much fun. Do like we say not like the fool does.


  1. Great news, Barney! I'm sure this is the right road for renewal for you! What's the old expression?
    "Take care of yourself!!"

    1. Thank you Mr. Gumo. I am trying too. This old guy needs to be a bit more careful with the care.

  2. Glad you are taking the time to correct your vision. Hey wanted to let you know that I have been riding Blanca all over the Loop in Tucson. I did 75 miles last week...having way tooo much fun for sure.

  3. If you keep a wall calendar and transfer stuff to a new one, write your eye exam on there so you'll know next year. I just did this with the A/C service and marked for monthly filter changes.

  4. At least when you get your new glasses they will eliminate the Migraines thus helping you to have tooooo much fun more often.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your health.

    It's about time.