Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Tool Collection Cleanup


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 6-19-2022

We got a nice early start to the day and headed over to the Memorial Park to use up a couple of miles of walking trail. When we pulled into the parking lot it was only us and two maintenance folks. Boy that is an empty parking lot for this area.

We got on down the trail on this warm morning with hopes of a great day everywhere. This was our starting view.

Good time was being made for the first part of the morning loop however we soon could feel the total absence of moving air. As in dead calm with high humidity. Sure enough the temperature hit about 90f. And the OFM hit the wall of sunshine. We pushed on and slowed down and the OFM began to over heat again. Sweat was soaking our socks. A stop at the drinking on the back loop led to more sweating. The water seemed to go in the mouth and run out through the skin on our feet immediately. Yep it was time to ease through the shade of the trees straight back to Sierra at the start. We made it back and immediately headed for the Castle and the shower and the AC.

We got to thinking about when we were here in this time of the year the last time. Summer of 2002 if we recall correctly. It is just tooooooo hot and humid for the OFM so we plan to not be here in the summer again. We plan to stick to north Alabama for summer visiting with the grandkids in the future.

Our tool box cleanout effort went well. The first cut removed slightly more than one tool box of tools from the stash. Now we have to see what else we can get rid of. About five hours of work inside the AC of the Castle on this hot day was nice we think. A chunk of the clean out effort was spent thinking about where to carry which tools. We are leaning toward two tool boxes with emergency repair stuff in a tool box carried in Sierra and a different tool box carrying other tools in the Castle.

We were surprised at lots of tools we found that had not been used in years. We did not realize we were still carrying the tool kit the OFM had set up to carry on board the several fishing boats we had had for years of Galveston Bay fishing and shrimping. We are calling the tool box effort a well spent time and about forty pounds of weight gone.

Yep we are ready for some grandkidding around for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Good job! I do this cleanout every time we get home and before we leave again. It reduces so much clutter.

  2. It is amazing how much stuff multiplies isn't it.

  3. Not carrying so much weight will help the fuel mileage and help you to have tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Geez. It wasn't just your dad's tools then. Wow. Well, you can always take up shrimping again. Ha.
    Yes. I have NEVER found the Texas coast a good place in the summertime. Too hot and muggy. Yuck. Winter it's good.