Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Caught A Submarine


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 6-9-2022

Today started early with some eye examining at 0830. Pictures of eyeballs and other stuff were done and the OFM got out of there about 1030 finally. We will see what it was all about sometime next week. The way our eyes have been behaving we most likely have something important going on.

Let's shift to a good event. Sometime during the busy afternoon the OFM slipped down to the harbor to try for some photos for our archives of photos. The day was beautiful and we set up at the back corner of the harbor and got a few nice pictures for our archives.

Since fishing has been blown apart for several weeks in this area and the harbor area looked good for a bit of fishing we rigged the rod up with Fishbite brand bait and set a line to working. Nothing was biting so after a bit the OFM started to reel in the bait. A slow moving submarine grabbed the bait and started out of the harbor. The tussle was on. The submarine pulled line out a few times and the OFM reeled it back in a few times. It was very nice to be battling a submarine for a change.

Finally the submarine broke the surface and it was actually a very fat and nice looking catfish and definitely not ready to quit the fight. So we kept on doing proper fish fighting with the light gear we were using. This lasted several minutes. Finally we got the catfish near the bulkhead we were standing on and was able to lift it onto the walkway. It a standard issue healthy size catfish for the area.

The OFM shoe is 13 inches long. The catfish was really fat and healthy it seemed. We got it unhooked and pushed back into the water and it went happily away to fight again another day. And we went back to the castle to fix supper of a big salad and a hamburger patty. Gosh it was good.

We have a finished painting for tonight. It took a little while longer than we planned but it did work out decently we think.

This one turned out to be a mingle of a few different new to us techniques which made it wonderful for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I like the richness of your reds and oranges in this painting.

  2. Good job on your latest Painting. The colours help bring it to life yet keep it in line with reality.
    Hoping the change of Eyeglasses is all that's needed to fix your vision.
    Fishing for submarines is a great way of having tooooo much fun.
    Stay Safe and Enjoy the adventure.

    It's about time.

  3. That was a long eye exam. Hm. Well, perhaps you will let us know what it's been about. I do like your color choices on today's painting, especially the pink on the far hills. Nice. I am bothered by the orange rocks pushing in front of the green prickly pear on the left though. They're fighting to see who's in front. The prickly pear is, according to reason, but the rock is saying no, I'm in front! Orange is pushing past the green. Colors, sometimes they misbehave and fight.

  4. I am supposed to find out the result of these tests late next week. It is to better define something that she saw during the initial testing. she told me what she was looking at about but I have forgotten.

    1. Oh Barney. Sometimes I think guys are all alike. Just hoping it's not an important thing. Of course, it will be next week before there's information,so you'll certainly find out then.