Three Baskets Full


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 3-20-2021

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A chilly and breezy start to the day cut the morning short to about 2 miles. After getting the OFM warm again, he put on some more warmth and we went to take a picture of the campground flooding. Only about 30 rigs had to move out. Here is a picture of the low part of the campground.

The water is expected to be gone sometime tomorrow.

The next pictures came from the warm bright sunshine afternoon walk. We meandered in a drunken fool path around the Point Mallard Park wherever the flooding did not get in the way. This is one part of the trails we had to meander around.

Along the meandering locations we ran across a nice fellow we know who fishes the area. Mr. Theo usually catches his share of catfish around here but today he was showing off. He had three fish baskets full of catfish and this one about half full that he was still filling.

We noticed the turtles were gathering nearby as if they knew Mr. Theo would soon be chunking fish left overs from cleaning back into the water for turtle food. They would probably get so full they could not climb back on the tree trunk.

When we went back over near the entrance to the campground by the soccer field these beautiful white flowers greeted us. They had sprung up since yesterday and were covering several acres of the park. The white flower had pink edging on the blossoms. They were about the size of a nickle. It was a pleasant sight to see.

From the flowers it was a nice dry walk back to the Castle for the rest of the evening. The day turned out to be a great one for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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