Return of Grock


Adventure Location: Grandkid Land, Al.

Adventure Date: 3-7-2021

We got to the grandkids about 1000 and it was a mad house after that. That sounds familiar. We brought four possible replacement rocks for Grock. They need to be painted and named. BUT when we entered the home, we were greeted by a freshly recovered Grock in person. Yea for Grock. Now there are four more rocks to join Grock in the mayhem.

We had some great fun and a fuzzy plan has been made for a return in July. But for today we had pizza that was wonderful.

We gave lessons on scrubbing the new rocks and sanitizing them with bleach to the Grands. Both of them seemed to understand the safety needed. Now the rocks are ready for paint. However the paint was found to be all dried up in the containers. Tomorrow the OFM is out to get new rock painting paint that will be delivered Wednesday afternoon. Then it will be rock painting time after school.

About 0130 the OFM had to head home due to feeling badly. He got back to the Castle in good time and solidly passed out on the bed for almost three hours. Now he is feeling just fine! Who Knows?

The new header picture came from a spot about a hundred feet from the Castle looking toward the golf course the OFM used to play. It is still a little brisk around here for the OFM hand joints to want to play golf again.

Tomorrow starts the getting the income tax done and mailed int. We expect it to be not much fun, but definitely has to be done. We promise we will not let the OFM put all his whining and griping into the blog.

BUT some time during the trials we will find a way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. So glad Grock was found.
    Mom or Dad would not like to find him while mowing.
    Hope you have fun with the rock painting and paint one yourself.

  2. Glad Grock was found. By working with the grands to make Grock Friends will not only be a great way of having tooooo much fun but a great way of making memories.
    In the header picture it appears other Golfers were out trying to have tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy taking breaks while doing your taxes.

    It's about time.

  3. Sometimes it is good to touch base with kin
    the Ol'Buzzard

  4. Ah good. All settled in with a view and LOTS of things to do. Glad you started feeling better..after a bit of rest. Hope it doesn't happen again. Nice that Grok showed up.