Morning Sun


Damaged Knee


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 3-24-2021

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Yesterday while meandering there was a picture calling out for the OFM to come take it. So the OFM FOOLISHLY went down the loose rock slope and took the picture. Coming back up the slope the FOOL managed to slip some and twist his left knee. It was another big Ibuprofen night for the Teams Great Leader.

Today was a bit restricted while the knee was healing. Tonight the OFM is doing pretty well and expects to be ready to run around getting into trouble tomorrow.

However we have a couple of neat items for tonight.

First is a picture of some sort of holly looking bush. It has yellow gold round balls like sycamore balls on it. We have not found out what it is from the Internet yet. The wind was blowing very hard and caused some blurriness in the picture. This is the only bush we have seen like this. If someone recognizes it please let us know what it is.

Sometimes it pays to pay extra attention to things around you when meandering. We have no idea what caught the OFM's attention and caused him to back up to check out what it was that caught his attention. This next picture is basically what he saw from the path. We put a green box around the object to help you find the mystery object.

Between the camera zoom and some brush busting we closed in on the object and finally got a good picture of it.

What in the world is that watch doing so carefully fastened to the limb? You never know for sure what you will spot when you meander around an area looking for tooooo much fun.


  1. Somebody just retired...

    I tossed mine up on the roof on my last day at work.

  2. The knees may be getting old but there is no doubt you have good eyes!

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    1. Rick your slogan could've worked so well
      with the found watch. Oh well...