Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 3-28-2021

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The OFM was having a miserable morning after three heavily interrupted nights of weather events. So things moved slowly this morning. Lunch came a little early and then he collapsed in the bed for 3 ½ hours of delicious sleep. WOW what a difference that made.

We have been checking around with locals and found that March is running very typical with lots of weather events. Like next week we have three nights predicted to be in the low 30s with one of them below freezing. It is running in the 90s back where we left from in south Texas three weeks ago.

With the day mostly gone, the OFM decided it was a good time to check for a good way to view an electronic image that is an inspiration image for a painting for the time needed to put the guide lines on the painting paper.

The problem is our table is too small to handle all the art stuff and have the computer open on the table also while working. We like having an electronic image instead of a hard copy to reference. With the electronic image we can enlarge a portion to make a detail more visible. Or crop the image to check if it is a better composition or even change the hues involved to work on a nicer painting. So far we do not have a decent answer to that preference.

But without weather events scheduled for tonight we hope to start tomorrow with a fresh and rested OFM outlook at the problem. Then we will certainly be trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. How about a small board that slides out from under your table, that you can pull out and set your computer on it when you need it. Or buy an inexpensive computer screen, and plug it into your laptop with a USB 3 or an HDMI. That way you can have the computer screen on the table, and it has a much smaller footprint than the laptop that's driving it. The laptop then can be set out of the way where you can reach it.


  2. Don't know if the height would be right for you, but I have one of those glorified TV dinner trays on legs. Folds flat for storage, and becomes a small table when needed. I used it for a sewing machine when we were staying in a small trailer. I think I paid about $12 back then. Probably more now. I worry about you and that Alabama weather. Do take care,

  3. Your header picture put a smile on my face.
    Thanks! Have a fun day!

  4. Getting Sleep while avoiding Weather Conditions is always a great way for having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your inspirations.

    It's about time.

  5. A TV tray stand has been my go-to when I need a little more table space.