Shopping Day


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 3-8-2021

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It was off to the stores this morning for resupply and craft paint for rock painting. The crowds were very small and polite to our surprise. AND everything we wanted was in stock and readily available.

Then the afternoon was spent looking into the income tax mess as well as a long nap.

THE SHOT is in the morning and we are ready for it. Then we will see how the OFM handles the aftermath of being stabbed.

As far as late evening goes we had a wonderful walk in the park looking for photos that needed taking. We found a few that we found interesting.

The single daffodil bloom from a few days ago has been replaced by a lot of blooms. Here is one picture of a small group.

The trees in this area along the river and swamp have lots of athletic contortionist vines on them. The vines grow right on up the tree but along the way most of them get all twisted up for some reason. Here is two of them as examples. The vines are about 1 to 1.5 inches thick. Why they get so twisted up we have no clue.

On the way back to the Castle we came across this tree with dead leaves still on it. The sunset was shining brightly from the other side of the leaves causing a brilliant red glow. So the OFM climbed through the underbrush to get close enough for this portrait.

The rest of the return walk was nice and pleasant in the cool evening air. It made a wonderful finish to a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Spring in Alabama is always nice. I was down on Lake Martin for the month of February, but had to come home to Michigan. Hoping to get back there later, maybe early summer.

  2. After you get stabbed you will still be able to get out for having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the meandering.

    It's about time.

  3. Great shot at the end. Thanks for climbing around.
    Person on the other shore wondered what you were doing.
    Good luck with the shot. Ha ha shot again only different.
    How about ~ Have fun today before the day is shot. :o)

  4. Since I started taking "meandering" pictures about 50 years ago, I have gotten to where I do not even notice other folks watching "that fool over there". But I still hear on occasion " I wish I had thought of taking that picture."

  5. Which one did you have? Is this your first shot? Only asking because I had my second Moderna two days ago and it has not been fun. Though I am the only one I know who's had fever!!