Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Day 3 and 4 Finished


Adventure Location: Interstate 20 Tx to Al.

Adventure Date: 3-3-2021

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Today was sunshine and safe driving. Last night the campsite was in the East Texas trees.

Last nights campsite, Tx.

Tonight the campsite is in the west Alabama trees.

Tonight's campsite, Al.

The travel was about 450 miles but it went really easily for some reason. A surprise is that from the time we hit I-20 until we got here to Eutaw, Alabama there were less than 10 Rvs of any type rolling on the Interstate. It seemed the day was spent just driving and buying gas.

But we are about to Grand Kid land and ready for it. Grand Kids can be a wonderful way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Whoa. A long day. Glad it was a smooth one. And soon you will be enjoying young ones.

  2. Which reminds me, I haven't seen Grok in a while. Did he just sort of grow out of it?

    1. Grock is living with Grandson Gavin. Check the blog of 9-14-2020 to see Gavins first post of grock adventures with him.

    2. I went back and read it again. Tooo fun!
      Thanks for the date to check it out.
      Glad that you have safely arrived in AL, Barney.
      Won't be long now.

  3. Glad you had Safe Travels so you can now start Enjoying having tooooo much fun with the Grands.

    It's about time.