Morning Peace

Morning  Peace




Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 3-23-2021

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Here is a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Susan down south in Texas City, Texas. She and her husband are long time followers of OFM Adventures since we met at Cottonwood campground Big Bend NP a million years ago. She is celebrating her ninety first birthday tomorrow. Thank you for being our friend Susan.

The morning was going well until the weather was read. OOOPS a big nasty front is due in about noon. So the OFM got busy and we headed out for a meandering looking for photos that needed taking. We found 86 of them. It is very amazing how we can walk the same meander at different times of the day and see dozens of different opportunities for photos needing to be taken.

The ordinary trees over by the ice skating rink usually never cause a second look, but the stormy sky this morning made the pink blossoms look really nice against the coming storm front. The picture does not quite catch the vibrancy of the pink that almost glowed.

As we AGAIN walked near the water at another location, we were astounded at the horrible Lake Monster that came out of the water to get us. The OFM had been just been mind dead meandering when he noticed the monster in attack mode in the dimming light of the storm. The hardened Nam infantry combat veteran actually flinched and reacted quickly when he saw the monster out of the corner of his eye.

Then he realized we were not in danger and calmed down.

We continued along the familiar walking trail on toward the water park and the OFM went back into his peaceful state of mind. Sure enough in a few hundred steps another monster startled him. This was a reptile of some sort coming out from the bank of the lake. Once again the OFM jumped and had to calm down when he saw the tree root.

This time he felt really silly at reacting like that AGAIN . At least it was just another event that was worth a good laugh at his reaction.

There is lots more to talk about but this is getting long enough. So tomorrow we will have to continue to tell the tales of an Old Fat Man meandering around trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Barney it breaks my heart the damage that war did to so many 'hardened combat' vets and so saddened by the lack of support that was available when it ended. It is always a pleasure reading about your meandering and enjoying your pictures. Thank you.

    1. I am glad to hear you enjoy my gibberish. Thank you for following aling.

  2. 86 photos, I love the digital age! I remember waiting for payday so I could afford to see how my dozen pictures turned out.

  3. Enjoyed the post today and the comments.
    OFM = Old Funny Man :o)