No Flow Is Bad


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 3-30-2021

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We have three days of cold to slightly freezing with occasional rain starting tomorrow. So the OFM decided to be pro-active and dump the nearly full holding tanks. Black tank valve was pulled and the emptying went smoothly. AHH that was good.

Like any decent Rver does, gray water is next to flush any residue from the Black tank on down the sewer. Gray tank valve was pulled and NOTHING HAPPENED. Now that is not nice. So we tried a couple of tricks of the trade like screwing the t-handle and shaft in more. Nope nothing happens still. It is time to call for help from the rv place that stands behind their work. Our result is a tech will be out Thursday.

So in the mean time we will catch the sink, lavatory and bath water in bowls we use for boondocking and dump the water into the toilet. That will work just fine for a while.

We started to head for lunch and stopped to admire our dark yellow truck. The pollen swamped the area in a couple of hours this morning and Sierra looked like it had a new yellow paint job. Later in the evening we did a short walk down near some of the lake area. Here is a picture of the pollen blown to one end of the drainage. Yep it is pollen time again. Maybe the freeze in a couple of days will clear this sneeze material on out of the area.

During the evening walk we spotted this sign at one of the campsites. Tree rats are the most prevalent critter in this campground but we bet those folks do not mean tree rats.

Maybe we will get a foot or so of snow so the OFM Teams can get some pretty winter scenes while we are out trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Um. I am surprised at your weather forecast! But a little rain and cold might help the pollen thing. It's beginning to be rampant here. I have a rather olive-green car (don't ask) that turns chartreuse. Stay warm.

  2. This is probably a stupid question, but since your grey water is hooked up all the time, are you sure you have any water in the tank? It may have leaked.

  3. You could be fishing in Port A right now!

  4. We got the valve functioning last night about 2100 and the OFM is happy again.

  5. Checking the roof of the Castle you will find it the same colour as Sierra.
    Glad you got the valve functioning. After all these years it probably needs lubrication. Having Valves that work properly is another way of having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Oh no!😱 I know how tank problems can be. Messy. Glad it was gray tank. Little less smell anyway. Just went through this and calling an expert is the correct answer. Hope it's an easy and cheap fix.

    1. Just read the above comment and it sounds that the problem has cleared itself. Happy for you.😀