Leaky Window


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 3-25-2021

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The really bad weather was 30 miles south of us but we got plenty to keep the OFM occupied all night. He slept about two hours at a time and then was awake for a while checking out for troubles.

The only significant trouble for the Teams was the infrequent leak at the bathroom window decided to get more serious last night. It was still manageable but did need to be managed.

Today the OFM got brave and took the trim ring off the window to once again try to see where the water was entering the Castle.

After a lot of squatting and wiggling, there is was. This is the first time we have actually seen the water entering the Castle. Now we know what to do and where to do it. A temporary fix was employed in a short rain break. It slowed the leak down to almost nothing. But tomorrow doing a proper re-caulk on the window trim should be the solution.

After the rain quit about 1700, the OFM decided on a walk to see how things were in the area. There was some more natural pruning here and there.

And the drainage from the campground was running well. This road had a couple of inches of water running over it earlier in the afternoon. But it is doing a good job of moving the water on down the hill.

As we meandered along the OFM stopped to check on the watch from last nights blog. It is still there, running and had the right time on it.

Finally we came to the fishing bridge. This is where the drainage from the campground dumps into the Tennessee River drainage. We were standing nearly right over the outfall to take this picture of the rapids ruffling the water.

Apparently overnight the river authority had dumped about two feet of water out of the lake. The lake level was low enough that the drainage was moving very well out of the campground.

Just to make the OFM happy, some art supplies came in this afternoon so he has more things to do now. There are lots of ways of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Whew. Glad you escaped the bad stuff. I saw an earlier chart for your weather today and it wasn't pretty. Well done on finding the leak and your repair. Hope weather stuff can calm down there for a while. At least you have some art supplies in!! (My great failing.)

  2. Would be fun to know the story of how the watch came to be buckled to the branch...

    1. It is right along the tree row where the high school soccer players park.

  3. I was hoping you were Safe of course I'm not sure where you are as to where the Storms hit.
    Having to fix leaking window frames when it's raining is not fun.
    Playing with your new Art supplies while things clear up is a great way of having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. That's the one thing I hate about being in the SE during the spring... Hey, I finally made it to Rockport. Can you tell me a few good spots to shore fish from here. Getting my fishing gear ready to try and have some fun...

    1. 1. wooden pier inside the beach park
      2. The rock jetty at the Rockport Harbor
      3. The Rockport Harbor bulkhead across the street from the Yacht Club at the harbor.
      I use the 3" storm swim bait in Pearl and the larger clear sparkle beetle
      Just cast and retrieve slowly above the bottom.

    2. Will do and thanks for the tips!

    3. Just an update... caught 5 specks today at the harbor using a 3" storm bait. No keepers, biggest was 13.5" but a fun day was had none the less.

  5. That picture of the water draining by the road made me want to take off my shoes and splash in it. I was ten on my family's first camping trip and playing in the creek during and between light rain spurts was our favorite activity.

  6. Leaks are a pain during a rain storm. In Ontario we were in torrential rain and roof started leaking in the bedroom - had to get the ladder out and make temporarily repair with calk. Not fun but can't wait.
    the Ol'Buzzard