Musical Leaves


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 3-10-2021

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Today was a sluggish day from the Covid shot. The OFM body is following the write up about how you might feel with a mild reaction to the vaccination. So it must be a good thing.

While waiting for his son to get to the Castle, the OFM took a short walk on the trail to the gold course and back. We did find one interesting item.

This limb set had a lot of very brittle leaves on them. They were rustling in the wind just about like an musical instrument. It was neat to listen to. The OFM, he who is totally devoid of musical ability, tried to shake them gently to make some music. He did really well for a guy who cannot even play a radio right. But it was a fun event.

When his son got here the OFM and his son had a wonderful visit for a good while. We even got the OFM shifted over to a smart phone. Of course in the OFM's hands it is a dumb phone. We are hoping it will help in the task of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. It will be a learning curve but you will enjoy having tooooo much fun with the new Phone.
    Remembering our first Smart Phones Samsung my cold hand could never get the screen to open. Now the lower priced LG phones work beautifully and I've managed to add all the phone numbers we often call.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the lesson.

    It's about time.

  2. Wondered how people are doing with the J&J vaccine. We had much worse side effects from the Moderna. Seems like those who get the Pfizer have less issues, too. You are fortunate to only have to go through it once!

    1. Today I got in a comfortable 3.5 mile gentle walk. Yesterday a half mile was a big chore. I think I am over the worst. You folks seem to be having fun back in the desert. Congratulations.

  3. So glad you had an easy time of it. I had my second Moderna this week with fever and feeling like I had the flu after it, No fun. I hear the Pfizer is easier. Oh well, just glad to have it! Onward and upward. I too went reluctantly to the iPhone. It's still to tiny to do much easily for me, but Siri will call and text people when I tell her to, so it's bearable!