Ponds, Rockport Park, Texas


Two Walks

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 7-18-2020
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It was a restless night so the OFM slowly got out of bed and noticed it was later than he had planned on arising.  That is OK.  There is nothing pressing today he thought. And he was right. But he ate breakfast and soon was ready for our morning walk in the AC of Walmart.  Sierra got us there and the parking lot had very few shopper vehicles in it.

We hopped to and got ourselves inside and started looping the store.  By the time we made the four loops the store was starting to have a lot more folks shipping.  From the style and sound of a lot of them they were from Acuna across the river. Nice folks and very polite are their style and all of them wore flu masks.

We paid for our small purchases and headed for the Castle 4.1 miles away. After the purchases were put away the OFM checked the weather and it was only 85F and a slight cloud cover. Time for a campground walk.  So we prepped for it and away we went. The OFM knees were not happy so the pace was slower than normal but we got in another mile and a half with a bunch of flower pictures to boot.

When we returned to the Castle the temps had gone up to 90F and the cloud cover had disappeared so it was time to get inside for sure.

The OFM was feeling kind of rough and wanting something for a mid morning snack. The Refrigerator was opened and THERE IT WAS.  The container of freshly purchased watermelon.  Now there is not much better snack than fresh cold watermelon after a good walk on a warm day.

Left Over for Tomorrow
He hopped to the chore of eating a nice chunk or three and then he smiled real big.  UMMMM UMMMMM.

And that is a great way to get started on a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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