Cool Castle

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 7-9-2020

Well the AC repair/install fellow showed up right on time and we went to work. He checked everything on the unit very carefully.  We both were on the roof while he was checking and neither of us could spot the trouble. Finally he decided to put the cover back on it. The OFM reached and picked up the cover and noticed a worn spot inside about an inch long and a half inch wide and 1/8“ deep.

Mr. Repairman went Hmmm that looks odd when the OFM showed it to him. Since we had found nothing wrong, he checked the cover carefully.  After aligning the cover carefully we could see it was pressing down on the inlet tubing of the compressor. A groove a bit over an inch long and almost through the cover had been formed.

After lifting the cover off again, we could see the spot on top of the copper compressor feed tubing where the cover had been pressing down.  Since the compressor is rubber mounted, the cover had been pressing down on it and the compressor leaned over on its rubber mounting feet.

The repairman carefully bent the tubing to give some clearance to the cover. We put the cover on and hit the start button. Lo and behold all the obnoxious noise had gone away. It was loud noise too.

After it was all buttoned up again we let it run for a few minutes and the quiet was deafeningly wonderful.  So the repairman headed on to his next appointment and the OFM went inside to enjoy the peace and quietness.

So here we are seven hours later and the AC is sounding like a normal AC in and RV. It is nice to have an AC performing properly in 113F outside heat. The OFM is really enjoy the quieter COOL atmosphere inside the Castle. In this desert heat, inside the cool Castle is a great place for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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