Ponds, Rockport Park, Texas


Be Careful OLD Man

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 7-15-2020
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After lunch the OFM noticed the temps had not gone to three digit yet so he chose to try some fishing for a little while. A small box of lures was selected, a 12 oz bottle of water was grabbed and away we went.  Sierra quickly got us to Spur 454 area and a special spot we had been noticing.

It looked like a cliff went into the water and the wave shapes were like it was deeper than usual water at the base. The trouble is all the loose scree you had to negotiate to get to the waterline

 In his excitement the OFM forgot to take a picture of our exact spot but just across the little cove is the cliff jumping spot. We got to watch a few jumpers make big splashes before they quit and went away in the vehicle at the top.

Jumping Cliff and Clear Water

They sounded like they were having lots of fun.

The OFM Fishing Team made a VERY careful climb down on all the loose rock to the water line.  A 1/2 oz Johnson Splinter Gold spoon was put to work.  There was lots of fish activity in the area. A few times we saw a large catfish roll and splash near us. The wind was fairly strong and was nice to have on this hot day.

Suddenly the lure acted funny and it was fish on the line.  The battle was small and the white bass turned out to be about an OFM shoe length.  White bass from clear water like this lake really shine pretty.

That was the only bite for a good while. The OFM was drinking a lot of the water he brought with him and when the bottle went dry it was time to leave. We had been there about 45 minutes as it turned out. We could tell it was getting hotter anyway. By the time we got scrambled up to the top of the slope the OFM was feeling the heat pretty badly. 

When we got to Sierra and the gear stored, the dash temp gage showed us 101F and that is temperatures that the OFM needs to stay out of for sure.

The AC in Sierra was feeling great as the OFM cooled off from the scramble back up to the top where Sierra was parked. BUT when we got back to the Castle the OFM was not “just right”. So he swallowed 16.329 liters of cool water and hit the bed to rest from the heat. A couple of hours later he awoke feeling much better.

We think it was the arduous scramble up the loose rock that over heated him.  So now we know that the nearly 74 year old man needs to be a LOT more careful about the heat while we wait to leave the area.

However it was really nice to finally catch another fish after so many months. Catching fish is still a favorite way for him to try to have tooooo much fun.

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