Rainbow Grass

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 7-23-2020
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The OFM was awakened early this morning  and when he headed back to bed he noticed it was already 0557 on the bedroom clock. Oh well let us just get an early start on the walking while it is only 81F outside.  By the time breakfast was eaten and other items finished we got into Sierra and down the road in time to be parked at the Spur454 boat ramp area just about 0700 and 83F.  The parking spot Sierra chose had a nice early sunrise view and it was appreciated.

This morning the OFM was nursing a bit of a bruised ankle so we stayed along side the hwy 454 for the walking. It turned out to be a really good choice since we had shade for the walk going out from the ramp area.

As we walked briskly the OFM mentioned he was feeling good except for the sore ankle, so we moved on out a bit faster than usual for the whole 2.5 miles of walking.

As we moved along the wilderness area the sunshine was making many nice views with sunlight hammering it s way through all the growth.  We chose this next picture for tonight. The light coming through the grasses waving in the breeze was making dancing rainbows all over the place. The OFM had never seen that happen before and it was exciting enough he stopped and watched the scene for a couple of minutes. The picture naturally does not do the event justice.

On down the road about a half mile more is where an arroyo cuts back from the main lake.  It is a moderately reasonable water access point and there is parking near the road.  This fellow and his two kids were on an early fishing excursion it looked like.

We hope they had great luck with the adventure.  They were still out there a half hour later when we came back down the road wishing Sierra would come pick us up.  

We got back to Sierra with some water left in the walking bottle to the OFM’s surprise. The OFM is thinking about setting an alarm clock to keep up this early(cooler) walking. We will see what he actually does. 

We had nothing special to do this afternoon so the OFM finally got started on another painting.  It is called a painting even though we are using colored pencils for most of it.  Maybe it will be worth showing when it is finished. Maybe not. We will see.

Over all it has be a good day of trying to have tooooo much in several ways. 

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