Ponds, Rockport Park, Texas



Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 7-28-2020
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It has been a typical recovery day for a bad migraine.  Three trips back to nap and let the ibuprofen do its job.  This evening things are looking good for tomorrow health wise.

Last afternoon we went down and checked a new spot for sunset pictures and took this picture in mid afternoon.

Then we went back to that spot for some sunset pictures and one worked out fairly nicely.

Tonight we are headed to another spot for more sunset pictures.  It may be interesting seeing this spot at near dark. It is the far end of the Diablo East Nature Trail. We have traversed the trail often in the light but never been on it at night.  Hopefully it will be worth the effort.

And the final thing for tonight. We are actively trying to set up a date for rolling toward Alabama and looking forward to some grandkid hugging.  Now that grand kid hugging stuff is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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