Rockport Tx Beach Park Evening


Mr. Jack

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 7-2-2020
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A few minor adventures have happened in the last couple of days, but nothing exciting. Yesterday about noon the OFM stepped out of the Castle and and an explosion happened right behind the door. Kaboom and high speed movement was seen circling around the back of the Castle.

The OFM grabbed the camera and tried to get it into action while on the stumble along. Finally the cause of the excitement stopped and looked around to check out what’s happening.

Mr. Jack sat right there and checked out the OFM taking the picture and grinned.  After a bit Mr. Jack proved to be a previously unknown member of the OFM Teams.  Mr. Jack was a master at meandering at SLOW speed and smelling ALL the flowers.  Eventually the new member made it to the culvert under the road to take a nice nap, probably.

By now the OFM’s heart rate was back to normal and he went back into the Castle to try to remember what he had come outside for. Never did remember.

Now for a cooking session. Three chicken breasts were poached yesterday with black pepper during the poaching.  WOW they looked and smell wonderful when the cooking was over.

They were then put into a plastic container with more spices to spend the night together. Then for supper tonight, some fresh sliced yellow squash, bell pepper, onion and a freshly sliced and diced chicken breast was stir fried gently.

As it worked out the overnight blending with the chicken worked out really well.  During the stir fry a hint of garlic powder was added at the last couple of minutes for another accent.  Well this bit of cooking came out very well and did not have even a dribble left when the OFM finished up the eating.

Tomorrow we hope to make it to the Box Canyon boat ramp and see what that area looks like with the lake 47 feet low. It will be nice to get out and meander a little again. Usually we find at least one thing for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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