Rockport Tx Beach Park Evening


454 Meander Part A

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 7-13-2020
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WELL he meandered through the stickers and rocks where a snake won’t even go--- somewhat of a takeoff from an old song.

The OFM needed a walk and Amistad was open.  Sierra got us to a good spot and the OFM quickly figured out that with new territory and moderate temps with a good breeze this was not to be a walk. It was time for a MEANDER and off we went. 
We had been to spots before that you will see but today it was no holds barred. And that fool took us on a tour for sure. Our best guess is the meander was around three miles not counting the up and down distances. WOW it was fun.

So lets get going. Remember that this whole area is under about 20 feet of water at full lake level. Sierra got parked near the porta-can at the boat ramp where a new to us path leads on to the lake shore. The OFM grabbed his water and the camera and away we went.

As we got close to the edge of the bare part of the bank we looked right at an area we showed a week or so ago.  

The Teams said nope, hit up the new stuff to the left. So it was a left turn and the loose rock under the vegetation was a difficulty.

It was nice to be meandering new territory but the OFM had to be carefull of hidden holes and loose downhill rock slides. He don’t bounce so good anymore. There was nothing special to see except it was new area to the Teams.  Eventually we came back out on the road to the boat ramp and Sierra. For sure the OFM was glad to have plenty of water with us.

When we got back to Sierra we could see kayakers launching down at the boat ramp.

So we headed down the ramp with the idea of visiting a little bit. But they were on their way to do their own wet country meandering. Wet country meandering is great fun on this lake, we know that from personal experiences of the past.

As they rounded the point the Teams headed back up the hill of the boat ramp to go onto the north side of the road this time to any spots we had not been to in the past.  It turned out to be a big effort that will show up in tomorrow nights posting. It was a fantastic morning of chasing new sights and experiences for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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