Rockport Tx Beach Park Evening


454 Meander Part B

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 7-14-2020
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As the kayakers paddled around the bend of the shore line the OFM turned to go back up the boat ramp toward Sierra. But when the Teams got near a spot to go over the roadside ledge, they took it. They had been in this area a few times fishing but today is a meandering day so different places were explored.

If you go to the left in the picture above it goes to some decent fishing places. But since we had been there before we went more to the right. It was a good choice. As we got down the rough rock into the arroyo left dry now, we could see a cliff section back to the left we did not know was there. Great, a new place for an intensive meander.

Glancing around to get oriented again, we chose to go on down the arroyo since the last time we were in the area there was about twenty feet of water over this area. It apparently is heavily used now that it is exposed.

When we came up out of the arroyo we realized that we were back into a fishing area we have been in many times. So we meandered around in case there was anything special to see. Just a few feet more cliff here and there since the lake had gone down a bit since our last visit.

So we looped around a bit for the fun of it. Crossed another small arroyo and headed on through some dried brush area for another crack in the surface to explore. It did not take long for the brush to get too ugly for this days adventure. This was the view when we turned toward the road.

We busted brush for about a hundred yards and there was the road and a greeting committee.

After checking the water bottle, the Team voted to go on out the road for a ways to look around some more. And Away We Went.  The road, which it old highway 90 we think, went through an old cut through a ridge.  Along the side of the road cut were occasional deer trails up onto the ridge top. Here is what a deer trail looks like in this area.

From here it was just clear walking alongside the old highway until we decided to turn back.  It is just nice country for a pleasant walk until the sun started to get toooooooooo hot. So we stopped at the first good shade to water up and head back to Sierra. Here is a picture from the shade back toward Sierra up and over the hill.

As we headed back down that first section of the road, we grabbed this picture of the finger coming from the main lake.  It is a popular shore fishing location. You park by the road and walk yourself to where ever you want to try your luck.

We had a pleasant walk along the road back through the cut, past the old ranch house foundation and cistern ( 29.481141, -100.987263  ).                .  That is a good place to meander to see how the old place was put together  years ago. Amistad lake started flooding in 1969 and the ranch was here many years before that. 

When we arrived at Sierra the OFM asked if Sierra had missed us. Sierra said “You bet. It is getting hot.”  We agreed and told Sierra to get the AC going and we would board very soon.

On the way back to the Castle we all were taking about how Meandering is so much fun. Sierra said don’t forget to take us on some road meanders soon. All the other team members hollared “Great idea in the hot summer time for sure.”

Soon Sierra was parked in the shade of the peach tree next to the Castle and the OFM grabbed his Meandering gear and the empty water bottle. It was time for a little clean up and a nap before lunch.  Something about a nap before lunch is wonderfully decadent sounding but it sounded pretty good after being out on a good adventure like we had for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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