Ponds, Rockport Park, Texas


Losing Weight

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:7-29-2020
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The exciting morning was spent still recuperating from the migraine headache.  The OFM piddled around in the Castle doing not much.  Then right around 1130 he suddenly felt a lot better. This event was right at the 48 hour normal recovery time. It was almost like clockwork.

A home prepared lunch tasted fantastic and the OFM was invigorated to clean out more stuff we no longer need. 

Did you know that clothes in closets and cabinets procreate at great speed? It was less than a year ago we cleaned out about three dumpsters of clothing that was not worn anymore. That left us with only essentials.  Minimalist is the goal.

Well just the main closet in the bathroom yielded two plastic bags of excess clothing that went to the dumpster.  Then for some reason the OFM decided to look in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. A bit of poking around found a full size skillet and a one quart pot that had not been used in at least a year. We replaced them with different cooking pots about a year ago and thought we had discarded these at that time. Nope. So they went into another plastic bag.  And now it all has been deposited into one of the campground dumpsters.

While reading a nice blog a few days ago about a long term RVer, the rver mentioned reducing redundancy between his three tool boxes. A big blinding flash went off in the OFM empty head. That is a place the Teams could definitely lose some weight.  We definitely do not need bike, kayak, golf or backpacking type of tools any more. So now we have a goal to accomplish before the next rolling date.

No matter what it is, it seems that everything about rving has the ability to multiply quickly.  Getting lighter is a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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