Ponds, Rockport Park, Texas


Good Long Walk

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 7-17-2020
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A good morning get going happened and we got a decently early start on the long walk. We hit up Diablo East section of the NRA and Sierra got us parked at the top of the hill in the most prime spot in the area.

The OFM knew better than to try the steep boat ramp hill again. The last time it took two days for his knees to recover.  So we moved out on a good pace to loop the two large parking lots at the top of the hill. The slope on the lots is serious but still nicely do able. The morning was warm but not hot and had a strong breeze to help things.  

After looping the parking lots, which takes about a half hour, the OFM decided his body could handle the Arroyo Trail today. So it off the near the restrooms to start the trail.  It starts really benign and never gets really bad. It was originally laid out for wheelchair access.  Apparently there was no money alloted for maintenance because a wheel chair would have a hard time with lots of the paved surface worn away.

We have been on the trail lots of times and had it in the blog lots of times over the last 12 years. Right after the first turn the trail drops gently down onto the side of the arroyo and provide nice views. Here is a view of the trail on the far side. Look just a bit above the rock ledge for the relatively straight tan line. That is the trail.

The trail just meanders all along the the arroyo and eventually returns to the main parking lots. There are benches now and then for resting. Today the prickly pear were still producing lots of prickly pear fruit as seen in this picture.

There were no animal adventures or insect incidents but we did find a huge spider web. This web had to be nearly six feet long and three feet wide.  

The rest of the way back to Sierra was pleasant and increasingly hot.  The slight cloud cover burned off to help us toast ourselves better. 

Back at the campground we worked diligently at keeping cool inside the Castle by letting the new AC work hard. It seemed a good thing to do in 103F heat.

For supper the OFM hit up the Whataburger with good vigor.  Getting a fresh Whataburger for supper was another great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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