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Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 7-12-2020
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The Castle had shrunk to 3.87249 square inches of area by the time lunch was over. The walls were scrunching the OFM’s shoulders.  It was time to get out into some moving room. So we commandeered Sierra to go find some elbow room in the desert to our North. A bottle of water and a face mask went with us.

The first plan was to meander some part of the NRA but the OFM came to his senses that the NRA is still closed until tomorrow, so we just rolled Sierra north into the desert.  Here is a view of some of the desert just north of Del Rio.

As we rolled the OFM had an idea to a couple of more pictures of the desert in this area as seen from the highway. Now we had a purpose and that helps the mental attitude. Meandering with a purpose is good. We knew that if we got to the Pecos River it was far enough. That would be about 30 miles north.

As we rolled along the OFM took a few pictures along the way of what we were passing through.  Only a real desert lover like the Teams would take a picture of some of these places so they were discarded.
Then we hit a canyons area and the road scene changed a bit to like this.

Finally we rolled in to the Texas Travel Stop up above the bridge across the Pecos River. This is one of the many road stops locations in Texas where you can stay the night as you are traveling. It is a nice location but usually windy at night.

The OFM ended up giving two different families information about the area for making their trip more enjoyable. The OFM was first here to the best of his memory in 1972.

On the way out we stopped on the road to get this picture of the Pecos River canyon bridge.  There is a full size car at the blue arrow.

Now you have seen how the terrain is from Del Rio Texas until you get to Sanderson Texas where the Big Bend Country starts and the mountains start showing up.

Then we took a nice gentle ride on back to the Castle and were relieved to see it had grown back to normal size when we got inside.

Just riding around to locations you love is a great way to spend a really hot day (103F) when you are trying to have tooooo much fun.

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