Rockport Tx Beach Park Evening


Calm Beach

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 7-6-2020
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The OFM hit the Walmart walking trail early this morning. We had a clear path for the first three laps and it was barely getting some folks in when we finished lap 4.  Four laps gives the OFM a mile IN THE AIR CONDITIONING.  It was already 88 when we got to Walmart.

Then it was time to do some shopping for fresh foods and head back to the Castle. Today was under $10 for a change but it is really nice getting fresh fruit and vege the same day you get to eat them.

A bit after noon the OFM got it into his head he needed reference pictures of distorted dead trees.  So we hopped into Sierra and checked a few places we thought might have some. Nope nothing to photograph.  So we headed back to the Castle.

The OFFool got busy working on a painting using oil pastels again.  He learned something new about using them last night and wanted to try it out. It worked and here is the simple beach scene named Calm Beach.

And that pretty well took care of our trying to have tooooo much fun for today.

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