Adventure Location

Decatur, Alabama

Date: June 12, 2024

There are a lot of folks living in vehicles and small Rvs in this country. Al at is one of them who does it very well. The OFM has been following him since he started many years ago. We enjoy his style. Does not write every day but he is usually is enjoyable and several times a month.

Tonight is another no photo day but it was a nice day. Our walk suffered from a bit of not just right feeling so we cut it short to 2 miles and had a comfortable day just doing some house cleaning and laundry.

One interesting item is the OFM is trying to cut us back to carrying less than we have been carrying around in the past. In other words just getting more minimalist but not to an extreme. However when we were putting socks away after laundry today, the OFM looked twice at the huge pile of socks in storage. So in his usual manner, the OFM went to work to figure out how many socks we needed to carry to still be adequate without going to extremes. So after all the figuring and guessing etc. we came to the conclusion that we had enough socks for over 13 more years of travel. That is just too many. We go to Walmart often enough that we now need to calculate the best amount of socks to carry. In fact many things in the Castle are now under suspicion of over stocking. Even when boon-docking, storage space is not a trouble in the castle since we are seldom more than 20 miles from a decent department store if we really need something.

So it looks like the OFM has a bit of divesting coming up this summer as we get ready for some rolling to start in mid September.

Have some fun folks. We are.


  1. We find that Winter travels require more socks than during the warmer months.
    Human nature has us filling any empty spaces we find within our homes. The problem is the Stuff owns us.
    Be Safe and Enjoy having tooooo much fun.

    It's about time.

    1. A whole lot of truth to what you said. Thanks for the comment.