New Mexico Wildfires Attacking Tourist Areas


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: June 18, 2024

It was a fairly nice day all day today. A first thing the OFM noticed this morning at the start of the walk as the nice breeze driven ripples on the water.

And sure enough the temp was warm enough to help the muscles loosen up quickly and the joints work smoothly. We made a very comfortable 2.5 miles and got to visit a very nice older gentleman while on the trail. We covered a lot of topics in the half hour we visited. That was fun.

After getting back to the Castle we did a lot of catch up computer work in preparation for the rest of the summer kid vacation. The kids get out of school for only two months in the summer.

Some time some where we ran across this picture of the multiple spider webs along the ground. The OFM cannot recall where but we thought it was neat how the spiders covered an area about 8x12 feet with their web traps. That must have taken a lot of time to weave.

When we hit the turn around point on the walk near a pond this was what we saw. An egret was carefully stalking breakfast along the shore line. We watched for a minute or so and the bird never moved a feather. We guess there was some potential meals in the area.

The big news we saw about in the internet is Ruidoso New Mexico had an emergency evacuation today due to a wildfire closing in on the city. That is a real threat out there in those mountain valleys. Good luck to those folks.

Everyone have a nice sleep tonight so we can run and play trying to have tooooo much fun tomorrow.


  1. Those Wildfires in New Mexico are not a way of having tooooo much fun
    Stay Safe and Enjoy the grands.

    It's about time.