Blood Splattered A Little Bit


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: June 10, 2024

An interesting day for sure but a very rewarding day also. We got the day going with a planned carefully trail circuit. Out the Castle door we went sort of excited for the trail attempt in front of us. The last week or so has had the OFM having hip joint pains by the end of the walk. Our attitude is that muscle pain is from building more muscle. Joint pain is bones etc in the joint getting more damage done to them. So we hit the trail with a plan to try. The goal was 2.5 miles of steady but speedy walking. For the last few weeks mileage over 2.5 has been leaving the OFM with hip pains by the end of the walk. So off we went to the back trail that connects with the main trail system. EEEERKK The trail is flooded from last nights thunder storm. OK reverse direction and head out the next available exit and away we go. On the trail we calculated our turn around point and off we went. It was a nice day on the trails as you can see in this next photo taken near the start of the trail.

We set an aerobic pace and was able to keep it going for the whole walk. At the end, the walk was pain free to our surprise. So we now hope we have a pattern to follow for the near future at least.

On to the attempt to cut the tip of the OFM's left index finger off of his hand. So here we are getting things ready to fix supper. But first an attitude of the OFM. If you have to put pressure on the blade to cut you then the “knife” is not sharp enough to be called a knife. So we were cutting some vegetable and noticed a quarter size pool of blood under the knife blade. Sure enough the idiot had let a finger get out of place for the cutting being done. So now it was time to STOP THE BLEEDING. The finger tip was still attached pretty well but flapping the breeze so to speak. The cut did not hit any bone. So we went to work stopping the bleeding. All in all it was not serious but it did bleed a lot for as small as the cut turned out to be. Finally the bleeding stopped and we could get the band-aid on it to keep it clean and start to heal. The hard part is trying to do all the pressure holding and bandaging with one hand but that is what single folks living alone learn to do. It doesn't look very exciting in this pic after supper does it.

After all that fun we got out a Marie Callendar meal of meat patty, chopped potatoes, gravy and noodles with cheese sauce on them. It is pretty good. This one is a bit over 500 calories so it leaves the OFM room for some nuts for a snack at bedtime.

We do not have plans for tomorrow except keep on breathing and moving and healing a finger tip.