Neat Spider Web Photo


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: June 24, 2024

It was a nice day for walking and we got in 2,5 miles without any real trouble, so it is time to get the distance up a bit more we think. Our goal is back up to 3 miles unless the joints start complaining again. But we intend to be more careful this time about tripping on things in the trail and slowing down when something hurts a bit. Working through pain does not work well for old bodies.

Not much exciting happened today. However a couple of not exciting but neat things did happen on the trail this morning. This picture of a spider web back in the deep darkness of the brush caught our attention. It is about a foot long and six inches wide. A single stream of sunshine had found its way down to highlight the web in the surrounding darkness without lighting up the whole area. Nice special effects we think.

On the way back to the start we passes close to a part of the creek with lots of vegetation growing in the water. Suddenly there was a moving dark stick in the trail. Then it stopped and laid there very quietly.

We realized it was one of the many benevolent water snakes that live in the flooded vegetation along the banks of the creek. The 18 inch snake just laid there quietly admiring how handsome the OFM is. After taking the picture we looked carefully at the snake and saw the green stripes the common bug eating water snake has on its sides. Then we told it good bye and wished it good luck with finding food. That was our first snake this year and from what we have read about them we are glad they are in the area.

We spent a chunk of today reading about losing more weight and help speeding up the process. Our conclusion is that considering the age and decrepitness of The Old Fat man body joints our best route is cut back some more on the eating habits by changing over to more vegetation consumption and more careful with the meat serving sizes. In other words do a better job of restricting calorie intake. This will take awhile since the weight loss goal is to drop from a high of 205 down to 160. My height after old man shrinkage is now 66.5 inches. Old age is full of ugly surprises. So are mirrors.

Let us all relax and have fun tomorrow.


  1. I lost a lot of weight by eliminating potato chips, and sugary soda pops. Later on, most all potato items, going to keto bread. All of that stuff I love, but my metabolism doesn't handle it as well as when I was 30. It takes a while but when you expend more calories than you take in every day, the weight will go down. The trick is to do it gradually and not go crazy. Getting rid of the potatoes and bread also took my blood sugar below the "pre diabetes" level. Also, I eat a lot of salads with just a vinegarette dressing. You can get the salad mix all pre-cut in plastic bags at the grocery store. The salad fills you up without a lot of calories if you don't add them back with the dressing. If you put a paper towel in the bag with the salad and wrap it up good with rubber bands, it will last 5 ot 6 days after you open the bag. Good luck with your weight loss plan.

    1. I use BBQ sauce for salad dressing. Thank you for the experienced information.