New Saying


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 1-1-2021

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Tonight will be a pile of pics and stories in no special order. Too much went on to get all organized.

A long worthless conversation with an old loser led the OFM to utter this last bit of wisdom.


He ignored me. We left.

Here is the picture of a large minnow the OFM caught two days ago while trying to walk along the harbor bulkhead where he was told to don't waste his time, there are no fish here.

Plenty of cooking and other food preparation happened today due to limited agility for running around. Cooking seems to always involve cleaning up afterward.

Here is a stir fry while prepping for scrambled eggs. It certainly was good.

A big old Live Oak over near Big Tree has a huge mangled mess of limbs on it. But Big Tree is even bigger but less dense with limbs.

While we were over there we stopped at the St. Charles Bay kayak launch to reminisce over the OFM's kayaking days. They were great days.

We pulled maintenance duty on the refrigerator while cooking and found some room now that a chunk of cooking was in the freezer.

Here was supper as a left over from three other stoup type meals. It was excellent.

And now let us get to the foot trouble. Careful analysis this morning after some swelling went down showed it was not gout. The joint back from the little toe in the foot is a little out of alignment for years. Apparently the new foot soles were too stiff and came up too high for that joint to tolerate. The whole area was swollen and irritated still but less inflamed. So the old liners went back in and in a couple of minutes it was well on the way to healing.

The OFM hacked on the new liners to try to make them fit this foot abnormality and the effort showed some improvement in immediate feelings. But it soon was getting worse again. To shorten the tale, we went back to Walmart and purchased a new pair of insert like the old ones and very carefully cut them to size and installed them. A few hours later as this is being written, the foot is well on its way to getting better. So it seems we may be on the correct route to healing now. At least we really hope so.

We paid for another month here this afternoon to give the Teams time to be certain of the healing. This area is also pretty decent for the January cold weather. Now we will be considering what to do next. We do not consider it a requirement to stay here for another month but will feel free to roll when we are sure the foot is well and ready.

Our main goal in mind at this time is to be in north Del Rio area boon-docking during the spring flower bloom and gather a zillion great cactus flower pictures. That is a wonderful activity for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. That is some fine minnow you caught! Good for you that gout is not the culprit. Insoles can cause trouble. My husband was told by a foot specialist to get a certain kind. Big bucks kind. about $50 a pair. Wearing them for years left him to regret it; the bottoms of his feet are in bad shape. Staying where you are for awhile seems like a good idea. For sure, you want to see those flowers for your art.

  2. Glad you found the cause of your foot pain and were able to do something about it.

    1. I actually was able to walk around Walmart this afternoon with medium pain.

  3. Oh my goodness, footware is one of my highest priorities because of bad knees and stenosis in my back. I know immediately when something is not right. I am glad that you found what was causing you pain. I suspect like me, you have no patience at all for healing take it easy and give yourself the grace to heal.