Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico


Nasty Weather


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 1-31-2022

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It was grocery shopping time this morning. It was a good day for it since the weather is miserable as you will see. However the vegetables were fresh looking and seemed to be in first class shape. Therefore the OFM loaded us up with fresh vegetable to chow down on for a few days and we love it.

On top of that Walmart is one of the stores chosen to distribute three N95 masks to each customer that wants them. We gladly got ours as we entered the store. However when we got home and tried to use one, the OFM's glasses fogged to badly to see our way around and the fabric did not seem to be able to pass enough air for the OFM to breathe properly. We are going to work on finding some better instructions on the internet to adjust the mask to make it useful.

After all this it was late morning and we drove around to see how the weather was doing. Here is what the Texas Parks and Wildlife mooring looked like this morning. Downright nasty is our description.

A bit before lunch time a migraine hit again and we had a shut down time for a little while. Then when the OFM could drive again, we headed for Whataburger for lunch. Our hope was that after lunch we could get in a decent walk. No way. The weather was just tooooo nasty. So we piddled around at home.

A ride back to the harbor in late afternoon netted us this wonderful view of the Rockport beach.

From there we went back to the Castle to just kick back and kick back for the rest of the day. The weather is still supposed to be freezing at night of Thursday and Friday. This area is not set up for freezing weather. Looks like we will have to work a bit harder during the next week while we are out trying to have tooooo much fun in the wet cold weather.


  1. Nice header photo, Barney. Yes, snow, ice and 10 degrees forecast for Angelo this week. Hunker down!

  2. I cannot wear the N95 as it is too uncomfortable and it seems like I'm not getting enough air so I will let the free ones go to someone else. I did get my 4 free covid test kits in the mail today and was surprised (?) they were made in China.

    Oh well, guess we have to put up with the 7-14 days of winter coming up. Stay warm!

    1. I am staying in Rockport in hopes the electricity will not fail like last year.

  3. If you are having trouble getting enough air through a N95 mask you might want to try the n95 or n100 masks with the valves. I find them easier to breath through and my glasses fog up less. You really have to get the seal tight around the bridge of your nose to keep your glasses from fogging.