Morning Sun


Attending School


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 1-28-2022

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The morning started cold and wet so we just studied art by internet viewing “lessons” pros put up for viewing. We chose on on blending colored pencil that was a 30 minute lesson. It took the OFM over two hours to go through it the first time and a lot more time to practice and review the lessons. But it was profitable.

Above is one of the test sheets that were made while “attending class” on drying time of two blending solutions. It turned out to be a very good lesson and new information. In the afternoon we put a lot of this new information to use. However, as you might expect, it does take some serious practice.

After lunch we stopped at Walmart nursery section to grab some more plant pictures, but we only took one.

We spent a good bit of time visiting a neighbor and then more time just practicing what we “attended class for” this morning. Overall it was just a nice good day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Oh. I didn't even know there was such a thing as "blending solutions" for colored pencils. Do you use a brush? Or just coat the paper? Well, I guess I could look it up instead of being lazy.
    I envy the adjective "wet" as applied to your morning. It is very very dry up here. Not good. Cold and dry.

    1. The medium you use and where it needs to be applied makes the choices for you. For 91% alcohol I use cotton swabs, a small brush, a wider brush, and a tortillon. As I know from bad experiences in the last few years, it is best to look it up to check your options with each medium and application tool. Overall I have about eight ways I apply and work the blending. Be assured I am not competent at it at all.
      I feel that cold and dry like in eastern Washington State is a lot nicer than cold and wet here on the coast.

    2. Dry and cold may feel better than wet and cold, but in the long run, all the vegetation is going to be in trouble with no rain. So I'd be happy with a little Gulf air. Hasn't arrive here recently.
      Aha! Alcohol for pencils.It can come in handy with pastels, depending on the ground. Thanks for your info! If I weren't so lazy I could youtube it.