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White And Fluffy


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 1-16-2022

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This is the site where we found the information on the Covid virus that has us nervous about heading to Falcon Lake area.

After studying it a bit more we are even more nervous about heading there at this time. Seems like the Thanksgiving and Christmas time must have brought a lot of viruse misbehavior into the areas. We do not want to get in the middle of shoppers that are contagious. So we are being a little excessively careful maybe. Please make your own decisions and do not rely on the OFM Teams for anything factual.

After lunch we hit the Memorial Park trail in beautiful weather. It was great sun and a little breeze.

About midway along the trail we ran into an old friend and the talking lasted for nearly an hour and was a great time. He has a wonderful white fluffy pup that was a pleasant bit of petting.

After that we finished the trail in good fashion with absolutely no foot pains at all. We are calling it HEALED. That leaves us wide open to search for more places for trying to have tooooo much fun. HE HE HE.


  1. Cases are skyrocketing everywhere. In my county of 40,000, we have 1200 active cases. I'd want to look at the Starr county health department numbers. Which I just did. Says they have 1660 active cases, out of a population of 64,000. So they have fewer per capita than we do up here in Brown County. A real researcher would look up the Rockport stats. Well, I couldn't help myself, and looked up Aransas county. 384 active cases...but that's from the NYT, and the population is about 24,000. The locals where you are aren't really making it easy to find out. Sorry for the nerdness.
    Glad your foot is better.

    1. The extreme sudden climb in cases has me nervous. At least in this area I can go to stores at the least crowded times since I know the area well.

  2. Where did you take the header photo?

    1. Copied from yesterdays blog comment "I saw it on the internet and thought it was nice. No attributes were found for it wherever I saw it."

  3. So glad to hear your foot is healed and now you can walk miles and miles!