Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico


Good Walk Today


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 1-6-2022

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Today has been so busy we are getting started on the blog about 2040 tonight. A lot of good happened today. An important part was the short gentle walk planned turned out to be a full completion of the mile and a half Memorial Park outer loop. We did take an hour instead of the usual about thirty minutes to complete the loop.

Along the way mother nature was showing off and the OFM took 42 pictures to go into his archives for art references. A couple are here tonight.

At one spot on the trail along the ponds this duck took a real interest in the OFM and the camera. It posed like a professional. We thought it was nice of her to do that. The picture will be retained in the archives for future use also.

We hit up the usual Whataburger in Aransas Pass and found that they have started the “big change” we were warned about a few weeks ago. The OFM's Whatacatch fish sandwich was still decent and very freshly cooked. The sandwich and a senior drink for about $5 is a decent deal these days for lunch.

From there we hopped across the street to Walmart to see if they had in stock some items Rockport had run out of. Yep the AP Walmart had the items so it was a good trip. Here is a picture of Sierra's dash report when we were about to leave.

It was a great day weather wise and other wise. Tonight it feels like it is still time to be a little careful on the right foot but it is a lot better than even yesterday. We plan to start a rolling plan again this weekend but not push it just in case. We have already had to pay cancellation fees to the same State Park twice due to event happening that held us back on the previous two sets of plans.

It looks like we are about to be back in business trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. That duck would make a great painting. Such a beautiful pose with a perfect background. Glad the foot is getting better.