Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico


Worn Out


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 1-8-2022

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We got in a walk today in the gray weather.

At the start of the walk, the OFM sat down on a bench to retie his shoes. We had not recently looked them over much and got a BIG surprise. The soles are practically totally worn out front to back. Well that gives us something to do tomorrow. We will head on over to Academy and make us the proud owner of a fresh new pair. We checked the store online and they claim the shoes are in stock waiting for us.

As we looped the main 1.5 mile path we could tell the foot was not totally ready for fast walking so the OFK wisely, for a change, took it at a comfortable pace. What that did is give us a chance to notice the good number of folks out with kids just running nuts in the park areas. Here was a quick grab of a picture at the viewing pier. Check out the little kids on the far right.

Back at the Castle, supper time was easing forward toward eating time. The OFM assessed the situation in the food locker and chose to make some stoup. Can of chili, can of whole corn, can of pinto beans, chopped onion and a fist sized wad of “Hash Brown Chopped Potatoes” went into the pot with a few spices. Thirty five minutes later of simmering and we had stoup. It was pretty good.

That left us three meals of food for freezing left over. The Teams will be eating well for a while we decided when and inventory of the refrigerator and freezer was taken.

The wall between the dining room and the bathroom serves as a display of the fantastic art that the OFM smears onto paper now and then. So here is what the OFM and guests get to look at when sitting in the living room.

Tomorrow will be a great day of making our way through all the screwed up road construction in Portland to get to the Academy to pick up new shoes. However the new shoes will definitely help tremendously in the effort of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I hope new shoes help. I'm always nervous during the break-in period.

  2. At least the new ones will have tread on the ground side of the sole.