Morning Sun


Old Friend Moving Away


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 1-24-2022

Not a lot of excitement here in cold, damp and breezy Rockport today. When we checked the camera for pictures to remind the OFM of what happened today, the camera said “no images”.

The Castle did get vacuumed and a little soap and water cleaning. The OFM got in about six hours of working towards another painting. This one is taking a lot of looking on the internet for images we want to use for guiding the preparation of the drawing. So we did get some progress but it looks like this one will be a slow one.

The latest on the family Covid fight is that Gavin and Dad are pretty well recovered but Piper was still in serious trouble. Mom was just fine. We expect another report later tonight.

An old friend called today to tell the Teams that they are putting their Rockport house up for sale. They have another home in mid Michigan that they will be there full time after the Rockport property sells. We wished him good luck next winter when he is standing nose deep in the snow trying to find his mailbox by the street.

Meanwhile that is all there is on this end. So everyone have great fun tomorrow as we all try to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Glad you had a calm day with mostly good news on the family covid; hope Piper gets better fast. Sounds like you did put in some good time on a painting project. I really liked your NM Backyard. Very very nice.

  2. Michigan in the winter is a huge step from Rockport ... but we all have reasons for what we do. I wish him luck!

    1. They have over 60 years of living in the house in Michigan, so they know about the weather.

    2. I saw they were moving back to the house in Michigan...I was just thinking about the things/events/changes that might require such a move...
      My grandson came down with Leukemia and we stayed around to help where we could (mostly childcare for his older brother). Staying here over a couple of winters was not planned!
      On the bright side he is doing well, his port is scheduled to be removed and he will be moved to the "remission" group come April!!

  3. One advantage of moving into an apartment when moving back north is the mailbox is inside. :)

    1. My son and his wife and I all agree that there will be no more house ownership in our lives.