Morning Sun


Planning For Near Future


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 1-14-2022

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While eating supper here in the Castle, the OFM was trying to think of what happened this morning. Finally he remembered all the time spent on trying to decide on what to paint next. When it was finally decided we had been at it from about 0800 until 1030 or so.

Then the OFM got busy preparing the beginning of the next painting. We were steady at it until we noticed it was time to head out for lunch at 1250. So this is what we ended up with for a mornings work in the Castle.

After lunch we headed to the Memorial Park for a long walk but the OFM right leg started to hurting. And one thing we know for sure at this advanced age, if it hurts do not push it. So we headed back to the Castle for a bit of time out. In about thirty minutes the leg was fine and we headed out again. This time we had a great walk for the whole loop and at brisk pace the whole way again. The downside was we left the camera card in the computer again so we did not get to shoot any photos. But we finished in good time and without any more nuisance pains.

We have two pieces of mail running late on arriving here. So we do not know when we will be able to roll. But we are planning to roll when we can.

Supper was another BIG salad. We cleaned out the last of most of the vegetables and small sausage links with this salad and drank a big mug of Swiss Miss Chocolate. we will need to hit up Walmart Grocery again soon.

Our goal tonight after publishing the blog is to try to figure out where we want to go when we leave here for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Paying attention to a leg and to a camera card are competing demands. You gotta give in to one or the other. Glad you had a good second trip out.