Rockport Tx Beach Park Evening


Goose Island, Texas


Adventure Location: Goose Island,Texas

Adventure Date: 1-17-2022

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The day was just about perfect with bright sun and gentle coolness. So after lunch we headed to Goose Island to see how it is now that all the rebuilding is done. Goose Island is part of Goose Island State Park, Texas. The waterfront camping area and the fishing pier are accessed from G.I.

At the pier entrance we looked around for a few minutes to see all the nice new repairs that have been done since Hurricane Harvey destroyed the old pier.

Plenty of folks were out fishing on the pier and off the pier. There are stairs to get you down to the reefs that are accessible for fishing away from the pier out into the bay. The next two pics show a major zoom of what the arrow is pointing toward in the second pic. Those reefs are loose oyster shell and at times are very attractive to many types of fish worth catching during both the day and night.

On the way out we took this picture of the waterfront campground scattered on each side of the only road on Goose Island. The Goose Island State Park website is well done and can get you all the info you might want.

Just before leaving the island we grabbed a picture of these two oyster boats harvesting oysters to be sold back at the harbor in Fulton and Rockport. The OFM is not a big oyster fan but MANY folks are.

Now for the BIG NEWS. As we were preparing the chicken soup for supper an email came in from Grandkid Land. Grandson Gavin was Covid vaccinated several weeks ago as we recall, but today he tested POSITIVE for Covid. His parents say he is sick but doing well. We are not in the best of moods tonight while digesting that information. His sister Piper is only four and has not been vaccinated due to no vaccine being available for that young of a person. Looks to the Teams we have a delicate situation on our hands for now. It definitely interferes with the OFM Teams ability to try to have tooooo much fun in the worrisome near future.


  1. Yes. That is not good news. It seems like I've learned of someone I know, and who is relatively close to me, having gotten a positive back over the last few weeks. At this point we can only hope that this go-round is usually milder in its effects than the past ones..So keep us posted on Gavin and family.
    Thanks for the info on Goose Island. I know someone who might like that place.
    I'm glad to see some oyster beds open...some have been closed to rejuvenate. (I'm an oyster fan.)

  2. I will be praying for Gavin and your family.

  3. I meant to say "several people I know" not just "someone I know." Sheesh.

  4. I'm sure the grandkids will be fine. Omicron is what everybody's getting now and everything I've read about it says it's no worse than a bad cold, and young kids hardly had any problems at all with any of the Covid variance.

    I know that won't keep you from worrying because that's what grandpa's do, but they're going to be okay.


  5. Sorry to hear about Gavin, speedy healing to him and hopefully you will get after all the fun you are meant to have real quick.

  6. Oh, no! Not Gavin! And possible Piper! I hope all goes well for them. And you can relax again.

  7. Awww.. virus I hope both the kids weather the virus. Warm karma and strong immunology to both of them.