Bad Foot


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 12-31-2021

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Lots happened today and here is the first thing that happened and changed ALL the plans schedules. The OFM went to sleep last night with a bit of a sore right foot like a stone bruise maybe. He awoke this morning with a right foot telling him SURPRISE YOU GOT A TROUBLE ABOUT LEAVING. Sure enough the right foot was swollen and nearly impossible to even hobble on. Careful exam resulted in some Ibuprofen and thinking. After breakfast the OFM tried out the foot for just hobbling on along to get ready to roll tomorrow.

To cut to the chase. The OFM got on the computer and canceled the reservations at Falcon Lake State Park. Then he notified the park owner we would be staying for a while longer until the healing is done. Then we took stock of the situation and did some thinking.

He estimated at least a few days for healing and checked the weather for here and Roma Tx. When it was all finished we decided to stay for at least two weeks longer here. That would also put us past the coldest part of Falcon Lake's winter weather. There is no need to go somewhere where the primary fun is hiking when you can barely make it to the bathroom in a 20 foot trailer.

We spent most of the day painting and eating ibuprofen. The trouble is we could not define the actual trouble. A short visit with some friends put up the subject of gout that the OFM is known to get now and then. So the OFM checked the Internet again for gout symptoms and they fit very well with the pain in the joint in the side of the OFM's foot. The good news is that the foot is responding to treatment. We would call the change in pain today as a drop of 33% this evening as the blog is being written. Now for the good news.

Did you know that the best grass burr picker upper for inside an RV is the OFM's white cotton socks? Yep we guarantee it.

Due to the days work on painting a total original work of art that was in progress, we now have finished the last painting for 2021. We have some more in progress or planning but they will be 2022 paintings.

It is named SOARING and was instigated by a couple of scenes we saw in New Mexico and combined to assemble the painting scene.

Please enjoy Soaring.

That's all the major news for tonight. Tomorrow will likely be a good day for trying to have tooooo much fun while sitting.


  1. I warned you about rollerblading at your age!


  2. Happy New Year! Don't imbibe too much with the ibuprofen.

  3. Rheumatologycarehouston.com

    Besides the diet they also suggest Vitamin C might help
    reduce the uric acid. Thought you might have some.

    Hope you're feeling better, Barney & Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year OFM!

    I've been taking "Black Cherry Capsules 2800 mg 240 Count" for over a year now, a guy on a blog recommended them. I have no doubt they work on my gout, I get them from Amazon.

    1. I am not ready to worry much yet. This is my third attack in over a forty year span. The last one was about ten years ago.

    2. It was waking me up at night when I bumped my toe when I first tried this stuff. It helped.

  5. Ah geez. Gout. Well, if you've had only 3 episodes, you're OK then with ibuprofen...I assume. Glad it's better....

  6. How are you doing? I don't have an email so I can't ask direct