Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Green Slime?


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 12-3-2021

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While down at the Beach Park trying to get in a decent walk this morning, the OFM made a detour out by the boat ramp cleaning station to try for a couple of pelican pictures for reference. The next painting scheduled will have a pelican in it if things go as planned. We will see what really happens in a month or so.

Any way this was the best shot we got of a couple of pelicans.

As is usual we do not know how the picture will actually turn out until near the end of the work on it.

In the mean time over at Memorial Park some green stuff (pollen?) was floating on the pond water and gathering up here and there in interesting flows and shapes. We grabbed a few shots to see what they looked like after some computer work on them.

We have three pictures the OFM has done a bit of work on to attempt to make them more interesting. We are hoping some of our readers will find them attractive. The first one is our favorite. We even have some hope of one of them inspiring a painting.

Pollen 1

Pollen 2

Pollen 3

Maybe we will need to do some more cropping, color enhancing or who knows what to the pictures. It is all part of the trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I like all 3 pollen pictures with Pollen 2 being my favorite. Letting my imagination run wild I see another world with a leafless tree to the right of the cave entrance. :)

  2. It might be an alge bloom, sometimes caused by fertilizer run-off.
    Here in FL they get red tide on the gulf(?) coast.
    Still, very cool pictures. I like Mary's description of #2.
    Have a great day, Barney!

  3. I agree with selecting 2. And also with Barb about it's being algae. Whatever, lovely colors and shapes.