Cold Winds


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 12-11-2021

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The early just before morning cold front storm came through right on schedule. BUT there was no rain in our area. The wind tried to make up for it. The OFM Teams ate breakfast and headed out into the blasting wind. Here is the flags at Memorial Park where we got in a nice walk with the trees saving us a lot of abuse.

The flags are right at the parking lot and just as we entered the trail in the trees we received notice that the .50 caliber acorns were actively blasting dents in the black top paving. But the addendum to the notice made notice that the smaller branches were getting wind pruned from the tree also.

These items of pain were also in great abundance but none of then hit the OFM with any damage. They seemed like they could put a pretty nasty scratch in unprotected skin. But we went on into the challenge.

From the parking lot after the walk, we headed to the beach park where we got a good pic of the front on its way out into the Gulf of Mexico AWAY from us..

While at the beach park we noticed the railroad plants were blooming heavily. So the OFM meandered into the pile of vigorously blown flowers and took several pics. Only one accidentally was in focus so we could show it. This bunch of them are a beautiful shade of purple or lavender or ?

Then we noticed that a cluster of birds taking shelter from the wind on the small island in Little Bay. A telephoto shot got this picture for us.

A bunch of them are pelicans and we are not sure what the large white birds are. But they were definitely not ready to show off their acrobatic abilities.

The rest of the day was household chores inside out of the blasting wind. Fighting blasting winds is not a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I'm so glad you didn't have to move the Castle in those winds.

  2. Wind is not our friend especially fro. the north with a cool front. It's cool here in the shade but comfortable in the sun. Today was a short moving day for the White Lion.