Beautiful Sky


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 12-22-2021

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Today turned out to be a day of taking advantage of accidental opportunities in our life.

As we were headed somewhere this beautiful sky was our heads up scene and it was great. The OFM does not recall our destination ahead but we certainly recall how beautiful it was all day. Temperature was about 68 most of the day.

Later we meandered over by the beach and caught Tim the Houseboat Man and visited for a long while. It was great visiting while meandering the art sculpture garden at the harbor. His pup, Gabby, was there to help make it a wonderful time.

We grabbed a beach picture with the great sky and sure enough there were some folks out in the water having some wonderful Christmas adventures. We even considered dipping our toes in the water.

 But we didn't.

After meandering around for a good while, we headed back to get started on a new painting. It is a new style with watercolor pencil and regular colored pencil. It has already proved to be very “interesting” to attempt.

Moving date is officially now 1-1-2022. The target is the area around Falcon Lake again. In the past we have photographed the area a lot. This year we will be taking pictures of all sorts. However some of the particular pictures will be taken as reference photos for new paintings. Hopefully the area will be safe and productive again this year. Being safe sure helps while trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Beautiful day there much like here. Except you have a beautiful sea view. Can't believe it's almost a new year already.

  2. Thanks for the painting photo. I alwasy like to see works in progress. (Speaking of which, aren't we all.)